Bad attempt to paddleboard duck dive

Airport Curling


Just another funny video taken with the GoPro Camera!

My GoPro got wet!

GoPro Hero got Wet

So what do you think happens when the GoPro? gets wet? It was a great days, waves were high and I was really exited to get in. I attached the […]

Winter SUP Surfing - Tel Aviv (GoPro)

A lot of people wonder what is the best mounting option for Paddle Boarding videos. Some like mounting the camera on the board, some use the Roll BarĀ  Mount that […]

Paddle Board Surfing - GoPro Camera

SUP Surfing

This Photo was taken while catching a wave on a SUP. It was done with a GoPro HD camera attached to the paddle taking shoot every couple of seconds.

Indoor KiteSurfing Photography

Indoor kitesurfing

A cool video I bummped into while surfing the net showing the behind the scenes of taking indoor kitesurfing photographs. Video by: Margje Tempelaars Photography and concept by: Wouter de […]

Kitesurfing video with the GoPro Camera


A lot of people wonder what is the best mounting option for kitesurfing videos. Some like mounting the camera high on the kite, some use the dedicated line mounts that […]

Sunset Time Lapse (with GoPro)

Caesarea Sunset

Another cool thing you can do with the GoPro camera is taking Time Lapse photos and create some cool time lapse movies. Time-lapse photography is basically shooting different photos of […]

Extreme Cameras: Bringing You to the Next Level of Action and Adventure

Water Jump

Are you a big fan of extreme sports? Do you love trying things that will give you more fun and excitement than the typical day to day sports that you […]